Our Behaviors

Western Union's behaviors are at the core of who we are and what we believe. They are demonstrated daily in our interactions with our customers, our colleagues and the global community.


  • Anticipates customer needs and strives to meet them
  • Delivers products and services based on a deep understanding of our customers
  • Is committed to and passionate about Western Union’s customers, agents and partners
  • Knows our business, what is going on in the world and how it affects our customers


  • Communicates regularly, consistently and with transparency
  • Knows who to partner with and how to get things done
  • Collaborates across boundaries and groups, and contributes outside of own function
  • Builds effective global teams with colleagues, agents, customers and partners


  • Finds ways to make it work rather than reasons why it won't
  • Strikes the right balance between analysis and action
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner despite ambiguous or incomplete information
  • Executes with speed, quality and repeatable excellence
  • Overcomes barriers and bureaucracy to create solutions that work


  • Proposes new opportunities and innovative ideas
  • Identifies problems and stays involved in the solution
  • Takes calculated risks and learns from the experience
  • Challenges the status quo and continuously improves the way we do business
  • Uses knowledge of the competition and market trends to innovate for Western Union


  • Demonstrates integrity--does what’s right
  • Takes personal accountability for making things better
  • Acts according to Western Union’s commitment to shared value
  • Resolves conflict through direct conversation
  • Knows when to escalate, when to empower others, and when to take action