Western Union Money Transfers Now Delivered Home in Nepal

Press Release By Western Union Published OnApril 19, 2020

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, APRIL 19th, 2020–Western Union, a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, today announced that Annapurna Travel & Tours and Hulas Remittance will provide home delivery service for Western Union money transfers in Nepal.

The Agents’ Home delivery service will enable customers in Nepal to receive cash from their loved ones, without leaving their homes. As the government implements COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions on movement to ensure safety of residents, Annapurna Travel & Tours and Hulas Remittance will deliver money to receivers at their homes. Their home delivery service will be available, Sunday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM.

“We and our Agents play a critical role in getting money to places, where and when it is most needed. As a purpose-driven global company, our mandate is to serve communities worldwide and this means not only serving the digitally enabled but also offline communities innovatively. This shared purpose holds true in these current times,” said Jean Claude Farah, President, Global Network, Western Union. “

“The launch of this new Agent service – delivering money to customers’ home – will help the public access cash, thereby providing essential financial services to a broad range of customers, including those who do not hold bank accounts,” added Farah.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure we are ready to serve our customers responsibly. With the ongoing situation and speed at which things are changing around us, we are adapting our operations and enabling customers to receive money from the comfort of their own home,” said Navaraj Ghimire, Managing Director, Annapurna Travel & Tours

“We understand the situation is tough and are happy to provide customers with alternative solutions during this difficult time. Our new money transfer doorstep delivery service will ensure that the public has access to cash, thereby providing essential financial services to a broad range of customers, including those who do not hold bank accounts,” said Hemant Golchha, Director, Hulas Remittance.

Customer Guidance

Once the receiver gets notified by the sender that the money transfer has been sent to them, they can contact Annapurna Travel & Tours or Hulas Remittance, to identify the nearest branch.

Call center numbers below:

Annapurna Travel & Tours: (+977) 014223530

Hulas Remittance: (+977) 9851019973

The request will then be sent to the Agent home delivery team. An Agent representative will then contact the customer and request a copy of their ID by WhatsApp and verify all related information to process the home delivery.

Once the details are obtained and verified, the Agent representative will arrive at the receiver’s residence with the money.

Prior to handing over the money, the Agent representative will verify receivers original ID. After successful verification, the Agent representative will obtain signature on the transaction receipt and hand over the money.

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About Western Union

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments. Our omnichannel platform connects the digital and physical worlds and makes it possible for consumers and businesses to send and receive money and make payments with speed, ease, and reliability. As of December 31, 2019, our network included over 550,000 retail agent locations offering our branded services in more than 200 countries and territories, with the capability to send money to billions of accounts. Additionally, westernunion.com, our fastest growing channel in 2019, is available in over 75 countries, plus additional territories, to move money around the world. With our global reach, Western Union moves money for better, connecting family, friends and businesses to enable financial inclusion and support economic growth. For more information, visit www.westernunion.com.

About Annapurna Travel & Tours

Annapurna Travel is first Remittance Company approved by central bank of Nepal. We are providing Western union Money transfer services from 1996 and servicing Western union customer to the best of their satisfaction since then.

We have around 3000 payout locations such as private companies, co-operatives and financial institutions including bank and their branches working under our network.

About Hulas Remittance

We, a member of Golchha Organizations, were established in 2005 with the vision to provide quality and reliable money transfer services into Nepal. A leading business house with a dedicated business history of more than 100 years, Golchha Organization has established the name- “HULAS” as one of the most trusted and common household consumer brand in Nepal.

We are one of the Principal Agents of The Western Union Company-the global leader in money remittance services, for its inbound money transfer services since November 2005. Our venture of strategic tie-up with The Western Union Company is to provide fast, easy, reliable and convenient money transfer services to its customers in the country. Presently, we have been serving customers through more than 2,500 service locations of sub-representatives comprising of various retail, cooperatives and reputed banking partners viz. Nepal Bank Limited, NMB Bank Limited, Siddhartha Bank Limited, Sunrise Bank Limited, Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited etc. spread across all 77 districts in Nepal.

Media Contacts:

Western Union Asia-Pacific
Karen Santos; Karen.Santos2@westernunion.com

Annapurna Travel & Tours

Navraj Ghimire; navraj@mos.com.np

Hulas Remittance

Dibakar Thapa; dibakar.thapa@hulasremittance.com