FX and Liquidity

Western Union funding and settlement capabilities combine global scale, sophistication, and financial strength to help you meet your customers’ payment needs quickly and efficiently.

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Funding and settlement capabilities

Global reach
Deliver currency around the world, meeting the needs of your customers
Competitive pricing
Benefit from our economies of scale in FX and payment services
Payment expertise
Tap into our deep understanding of FX and international payments
Built-in redundancy
Ensure payments are delivered regardless of bank network disruption
Treasury services
Offer your customers more with our wide range of treasury and FX services
Lower risk exposure
Single counter-party with a strong balance sheet

What we offer you

Billions traded annually across 130 currencies, settling with 40k agents and partners daily
Large global banking network including local banking relationships and access to local payment systems
Global coverage
Experienced regional FX trade desks serving the globe
Sizeable flows
Allow for aggregation and effective matching to maximize revenue
Exposure management
Real-time visibility to global currency positions
Forecasting tools
Ensure funds are available at the right time, in the right place and in the right currency
Flexible pricing models, including real-time FX
Currency solutions
Skilled at building solutions to match customer FX needs
Product knowledge
Deep understanding of global payment and currency products
Experts at moving currency in and out of complex emerging markets
Liability management
Managing regulatory obligations associated with cross-border money movement
Ability to deploy cash to provide real-time customer payout in key markets
Credit management expertise
Flexible partner settlement arrangements
Strong investment grade credit rating

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