Moving Money

Western Union moves money across borders for families, businesses and communities.

From an Agent location to a local currency paid out in minutes to a loved one in another country; from our website or app to a merchant up the street; from your business account to a vendor’s account ten time zones away. Western Union helps people and businesses move money — helping build communities, grow economies, and realize a better world.

In 2018, we completed more than 800 million transactions for our consumer and business clients. We continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient pay-out options to meet business and consumer needs.


Agent locations around the globe

Agent locations around the globe


In over 200 countries and territories

In 200+ countries and territories


We moved more than $300 billion in principal around the world in 2018

We moved over $300 billion in principal around the world in 2018


Transacting in nearly 130 currencies

Transacting in ~ 130 currencies


The capability to send money to billions of accounts worldwide

Send money to billions of accounts worldwide


Completing an average of 34 transactions each second in 2018

We Innovate

Staying focused on our customers’ changing needs has kept us innovating to connect people for more than 168 years. From the first wired transcontinental communications link, to the first fleet of commercial satellites, to money transfer services offered all over the globe, we have built history-changing platforms to keep people in touch with those they care about the most.

Today, millions of customers use Western Union® technology to safely send money to family members for education, housing, and health care. More than 50,000 users, including businesses of all sizes, financial and educational institutions, and NGOs use our Cross-Border Payments, Risk Management, and Cash Management Solutions. And a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs is taking root on our platform, creating never-before-imagined solutions to customer needs large and small.

Moving money looks easy: It isn’t. Businesses from global banks to celebrated fintechs struggle to move funds across borders, in near-real time, at scale and in compliance with national and international regulations.

Western Union combines the required licensing; a pay-in network that includes both retail locations and digital and account payouts; a settlement mechanism that interacts with all these pay-in locations and calculates currency conversions on both the send and receive ends; and tracking and risk-assessment technology to support compliance with local regulations — to create the ONE truly global money mover.

Consumer Money Transfer

For individuals, we make sending and receiving money fit your needs. Online, via the WU App, over the phone, or in person at our hundreds of thousands of locations, you can send money in local currency to and from nearly everywhere in the world except North Korea and Iran. transactions can initiate in more than 70 countries, and our mobile app works in 36 countries. Our digital remittance platform is one of the largest in the world.


Organizations that need to move money across borders partner with Western Union Business Solutions to send, receive and manage international payments. From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies to financial and educational institutions and NGOs, our partners look to us not just for fast, efficient payment solutions, but also help with cash flow, market insight and risk management.

Enterprise Partnerships

Businesses looking to expand their global reach can build on Western Union’s partnership ecosystem, the world’s most robust. From mom-and-pop artisans to global behemoths like Amazon, businesses do best when they offer their customers the widest possible variety of payment and refund options, no matter where they are. Western Union’s Cross-Border Partnership Team works directly with merchants and offers a suite of developer tools that make it easy for anyone to take their business worldwide.

We Believe in Better

We believe that when money moves — easily, quickly, and reliably — good things happen. A business grows. A child goes to college. Emergency aid makes it to where it’s needed. Our customers put their money to use, however and wherever they choose, to make their relationships, their communities, and our world stronger.

Our commitment is to continue our work of more than 168 years — connecting people through technology, changing as their needs change, helping them move their money to make good things happen.

We Battle Bad Actors

Meeting our customers’ changing needs also means being nimble. Our industry-leading anti-money laundering and anti-fraud efforts use education, technology and analysis to fight suspicious activity before, during and after a transaction. Robust analysis and reporting controls are updated to keep terror financiers, money launderers, and other bad actors off our platforms and assist in the prosecution of those we do find. And our thorough knowledge of international monetary, economic and trade regulations and sanctions keeps our clients’ money moving freely and quickly across borders.

The Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation, with the support of The Western Union Company, its employees, Agents, and business partners, helps underserved populations connect to the global economy through the power of education. To date, the Foundation has worked with nonprofits around the world to move more than $120 million to improve the lives of more than 940,000 people in in 137 countries, including educational initiatives, STEM scholarships, and disaster and humanitarian relief for communities in crisis. The Western Union Foundation, is a separate §501(c)(3) recognized United States charity.