Today's Migrant

The Today’s Migrant survey reveals the perspectives and motivations of migrants in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. The findings show how today’s migrants represent a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds and contribute economically, culturally, and in many other ways to their adopted countries.

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The Oxford Economics Report

A January 2021 Oxford Economics report, The Remittance Effect: A Lifeline for Developing Economies Through the Pandemic and Into Recovery, illustrates how remittances impact developing economies, both in the very short-term and in the longer-term, in a way that neither government aid nor private foreign direct investment can match given the larger value of remittances today. 

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Education Overseas – An Evolving Journey

Western Union has released a multi-generational study on ‘Education Overseas – An Evolving Journey’, to understand the collective journey Indian families go through as they strive toward their child’s international education and a global future.

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